Invoking Methods

The invoking methods must be done with a JSON representation containing 3 principal parameters

• method – shall indicate the method to be executed (address docs methods for further info).

• params – several parameters necessary for the execution of the method.

• session - shall send the session key obtained after authentication (not available in the authentication method).

The answer will be in a JSON format, whereas the first parameter returned is called code and indicates whether the application was successful or not (1 for success, 0 errors or other). The remaining parameters are specific to each method and return information relevant to the made request.


In order to authenticate a user through our API, an API Key must be used. All API endpoints are available via HTTPS. HTTP access is denied. Each API Key authenticates a user inside an account, and it’s composed by arbitrary characters.

In order to obtain an API Key you must first have a valid account on AGISbiz. After you’re logged in, go to Account >> Tables >>API.

This key must be passed on the query string in each HTTPS request to authenticate the user. Although all endpoints are accessed through HTTPS, please keep this token as secure as possible in order to avoid third party’s to access your AGISbiz data.

Your API Session Key expires in two hours.